About Us

We are people working to keep the traditional craft alive in the era of technology. Preserving and protecting the traditional craft skill is a growing challenge as people are moving towards industrialization.

India is incredible because of its diversity and racial character. More than 3000 castes 432 tribal communities, believers of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikh, Jain, Buddhism, and Zorastrian have been living together for centuries. Over 1650 dialects are spoken by the people of India.

Through ekaarambh, we are trying to retain and showcase the richness and diversity of our culture and traditional wisdom to the nation and the world.

Our motto is to improve the economic state of craftsmen, bring the under-privileged tribals, the minorities, and traditionally isolated communities into the mainstream of life while preserving the heritage of India. With the available resources, we have made a humble attempt to identify prominent crafts and craftsmen of India covering the Indian States and Union Territories.